Commercial Locksmith

Rapid locksmith is a leading provider of commercial locksmith services in the Ottawa area. Our expert team provides timely, reliable, affordable service to ensure that your business can operate without worrying about lock and security-related issues. In addition, to lock repair and replacement, we also specialize in the setup and maintenance of a variety of specialty locksmith services, including:

New Commercial Lock Installation by Rapid Locksmith

Security Systems

Nothing will keep your commercial premises more secure than a properly installed security system. Our team will set your business up with the safety features required to ensure that your people and property are always secure, and we’ll support you through any maintenance or repairs required during the life of your system. We’ll begin by determining the security system requirements to meet your individual needs, and from there we’ll map out and install everything needed to offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

Master Key Systems Installation

Master Key Systems

A proper master key system will allow you to access multiple locks with the use of a single key, and it can be an important piece to the effective management of your commercial property. If you’re in need of a master key systems setup, our commercial locksmith team will ensure you have everything required. From key cutting to lock setup and beyond, we’ll cover all of the master key system steps in detail.

Before and After New Access Control Installation in Commercial Building

Access Control

If you’re looking to set up control system access to increase the security of your business, our team is set for the job. From determining the access control required to complete system setup, the Rapid commercial locksmiths will guarantee that you are fully equipped with what you need for commercial access control success.

Before and After Break-In Repairs to Commercial Building

Business Security

The security of your business is critical to its long-term success. Our commercial locksmith team will work to implement all of the lock-related security items you’ll need to have in place so that peace of mind can be achieved. We’ll start by assessing your current security infrastructure and determine where weaknesses exist and which additional measures can provide value. With services including lock rekeying, master key solutions, break-in repairs, lock picking, key cutting, combination resetting, and more, the Rapid team is ready to service all aspects of your business security requirements. Our team is equipped with the tools and experience needed to handle all of your needs, and our focus on service will make the experience joy from the onset.

With years spent helping customers through their commercial lock needs, Rapid has become a trusted locksmith in the Ottawa area. Our expert team will solve any locksmith needs that arise, and with affordable pricing, you’ll always feel confident and comfortable with the service you’re receiving. If you’re in need of fast, reliable commercial lock servicing, get in touch with our team today!