Emergency Locksmith Services

Rapid Locksmith provides emergency locksmith services in Ottawa and its nearby areas. If you ever find yourself locked out of your car, home, or business, the Rapid Locksmith team should be your first call. Our team of trained professionals will arrive quickly to your emergency and ensure that it gets solved promptly. As a leading locksmith in the Ottawa area, we’re focused on providing around-the-clock support to our customers. With Emergency locksmith services, you can rely on the Rapid team to help you through any lock-related crises, regardless of the time or place.

Our competitive pricing means that you’ll never overpay for professional locksmith services. Our team will arrive equipped with the tools and experience needed to handle any emergency locksmith situation.

Emergency Locksmith Ottawa

Emergency Locksmith Ottawa

When you are in need of an emergency locksmith, get the help that you can rely on. Our emergency experts are available around the clock, ensuring that when an emergency strikes, you’ll have the support you need. With a quick call to our company phone, we’ll have a locksmith sent your way to handle any and all issues. They’ll arrive with the tools required to successfully complete the job, and do so swiftly.

Lock Rekeying Services by Rapid Locksmith

Reliable & Fast Emergency Locksmith

The Rapid Locksmith team is your reliable provider of emergency locksmith services. Regardless of the type of support you need, our team will arrive on-site quickly to address your needs. Although capable of servicing any locksmith related issues, the following are a few of the services we specialize in:

Lock Rekeying

If you ever need to ensure that you’re the only person in possession of a key to access your property, lock rekeying will provide the solution. Whether you’ve had a tenant or roommate leave or lost your keys, rekeying will guarantee that no unwanted visitors can gain entry.

Master Key Solutions

If you’re looking for a high-security lock solution that will allow you to open multiple locks with a single key, our expert team will set you up with the master key infrastructure needed.

Break-In Repairs by Commercial Locksmith

Break-In Repairs

If you experience a break-in and are in need of security restoration through new door locks and keys, our team will replace and re-secure your lock system.

Lock Picking

If you’ve lost your keys or safe combination and need re-entry, our team can help.

Key Cutting

If you’re in need of key duplicates to ensure that you never find yourself left out in the cold, we can take care of any lock-cutting requirements.

Safe Combination Retravel by Rapid Locksmith

Automotive Locks

If you’re in need of automotive locks repairs or replacements, our team will ensure that you, and only you, have access to your vehicle.

Lost Combinations

If you’ve lost a combination to a vault or safe, our team can retrieve or reset both digital and manual combination codes.

With years spent helping customers through their emergency needs, Rapid has become a trusted locksmith in the Ottawa area. Our expert team will solve any locksmith emergencies that arise, and with affordable pricing, you’ll always feel confident and comfortable with the service you’re receiving. If you’re in need of fast, reliable lock servicing, get in touch with our team today!