KIA Replacement Key & Fob

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When you lose the keys to your Kia, it can be frustrating. Luckily Rapid Locksmith specializes in quick and effective Kia car key and fob replacement. With many years of automotive service experience in Ottawa and the surrounding areas, Rapid Locksmith is the local trusted automotive locksmith, providing professional and quality services.

Servicing Kia Models For Your Lost Car Key

What type of key do you need? A traditional, remote, or fob? We can help you get the car key replacement you need for your specific make and model.

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The following Kia models can be replaced in 1-2 hours:

Kia Optima

Kia Sportage

Kia Sedona

Kia Forte

Kia Soul

Kia Sorento

Car Key Replacement For Kia

To get a new key for your car, you need the right equipment and expertise. If it’s an older model Kia then this process is much simpler since only basic cutting machines are required to produce them. Newer models tend to have more complicated aspects requiring advanced machinery as well as programming chips or transponders properly. It’s important to get your Kia car key replacement from trusted car locksmiths like Rapid Locksmith who have the knowledge and expertise in creating replacement car keys and fobs.

Key Fob Replacement For Kia

The new Kia models have a push-to-start keyless system, which means you’ll need a smart remote or fob. This extra layer of security also requires professional programming from an automotive locksmith technician.

Options To Get A Kia Key Made

There are several ways to get your Kia car key replacement. For example, you can either have your Kia towed to a dealership, you can find an automotive locksmith like the experienced ones at Rapid Locksmith, or buy your Kia’s fob online and bring it to a car locksmith for programming.

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Kia Cost Of Replacement Keys 

You can expect to pay between $100 and $400 for a new model Kia car key, but it depends on the following factors:

Whether the ignition is still in its original condition

If the code for the key is still available

The year of manufacture

How far the tow truck should get your Kia model car to the dealership

Newer model Kia means you should expect to pay more for a replacement car key. The most important factor that will determine the price is the year of manufacture and the type of car key. For newer “push to start” Kia models, there may be higher costs associated with it vs traditional car keys or car keys with a chip in them.

You can save 10-15% on the cost of a replacement key by going directly to your dealership. Keep in mind, that you’ll still have to cover the cost of towing your Kia there. When you’re experiencing a car lockout and need a car key replacement, Rapid Locksmith offers on-site services. We also provide professional and friendly services while offering competitive pricing. 

Whether you need an automotive locksmith for your car, truck or van is another story. The time of day and location will have a huge impact on what it costs to get this service done!

You should also check your Kia’s ignition system. If you have had it replaced in the past, then there’s a chance that the original code on file at dealerships may not work and require replacing it with an updated version for proper performance. 

When you need a car key replacement in Ottawa, there is only one trusted locksmith that Ottawa residents go to. Rapid Locksmith has been serving local residents for years and will take care of all your needs with quick and efficient services at competitive pricing. Call us today!