Mazda Replacement Key & Fob

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If you’ve ever lost the key to your Mazda and you don’t have a spare, we know how frustrating the experience is. Fortunately, there are always the experts at Rapid Locksmith who are here to help you get back on the road. All we require are a few details about your Mazda so we can get you the key you need.

Servicing Mazda Models For Your Lost Car Key

The life of any driver can be a struggle without their car key. Going to a nearby dealer to cut you a new key is generally the most costly way to solve the problem. Cutting a new key can be expensive, so it’s best to turn to an automotive locksmith at affordable prices. The most crucial information is if your Mazda ignition is the original as it can affect the key cutting process.

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Car Key Replacement For Mazda

It’s important to know your VIN, have any documents proving ownership such as registration and identification cards along with proof of insurance in case there are problems replacing a lost or forgotten key

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Key Fob Replacement For Mazda

The new Mazda models have a push-to-start keyless system, which means the fob chip is placed inside of the car. This extra layer of security also requires professional programming from an automotive locksmith at Rapid Locksmith.

Options To Get A Mazda Key Made

There are several ways to get your Mazda key replaced. For example, you can have your Mazda towed to a dealership, you can find an automotive locksmith like the experienced ones at Rapid Locksmith, or buy your Mazda’s fob online and get it to us for programming.

Mazda Cost Of Replacement Keys

The cost of a new key for your Mazda can vary depending on the make and model but is usually somewhere between $80 and $430. When you’re looking for a key replacement, there are many things to consider. The type of keys that need replacing depends on the year your Mazda is supposed to be installed and if it’s the original ignition or not. Keys come in many different shapes and sizes. The type of key – chip, intelligent fob, or push-to-start remote–and year your vehicle was coded can help determine what kind of security features are required. These services are available for a $250 extra charge!

We know that lost or broken car keys can be a hassle. Rapid Locksmith is here to help you with all your Mazda key needs, including replacements and programming services! Contact us today for your Mazda key replacement and fob programming.