Lock Installation

Whether you’re moving homes, repairing damage, or looking to upgrade your residential security, the Rapid locksmith team is well equipped to handle any door lock installation needs that arise. Our crew of highly trained professionals will arrive quickly on-site with the tools and expertise needed to ensure that your lock installation needs are successfully met. Having residential serviced the Ottawa area for years, we’re better equipped than most locksmiths to provide fast, reliable support. Whether you’re looking for a scheduled appointment or are in need of emergency services, rest assured that the Rapid team has you covered.

Front door lock

Reliable Door Lock Installation

Our team of trained professionals is well equipped with a door installation kit to handle all of your lock-related needs. From repairs to installations, we’ll be able to quickly diagnose the work needed, provide a quote, and complete the job. Before you panic due to any of the following lock-related issues, give us a call.

New lock installed

Lost House Keys

If you’ve lost your house keys and need access, alongside the guarantee that no one else can gain entry, our team will take care of new key cutting and lock replacements.

Master Key Setup

If you’re looking for a security setup that will allow for one key to access multiple locks, our team will build out the master system you need.

Lock Rekeying or Replacement

If you need to ensure your property is secure, the Rapid team will take care of lock rekeying or replacement.

Lock Rekeying For Commercial and Residential

Key Broken in Lock

If your key has broken mid-lock, our team will quickly take care of repairs to ensure that you can get back on schedule.

Smart-Lock Locksmith

If you’re interested in setting up smart-lock solutions for your home or business, our team has the experience needed to ensure the job gets done correctly.

Before and After Photo of New Lock Installation

Break-In Repairs

If you’ve suffered a break-in and are in need of a security upgrade, our team will outfit you with the lock solutions needed.

Non-Functioning Door Elements

If you’re experiencing non-functioning door elements, such as loose doorknobs or sticky locks, the Rapid team can quickly diagnose and solve the problem at hand.

Front door lock fix

Damaged Keys

If you’ve managed to damage your keys beyond usability, we’ll take care of any repairs, re-cutting, or re-keying required to ensure that you have access to your property.

Frozen or Damaged Locks

If the Ottawa winter wreaks havoc and prevents you from properly utilizing your locks or keys, our team will take care of the repairs and replacements needed to ensure things progress without issue.

With years of service experience in the lock installation space, Rapid has become a trusted locksmith for residents in the Ottawa area. Our expert team will handle any locksmith needs that arise, and with affordable pricing, you’ll always feel confident and comfortable with the service you receive. If you’re in need of a fast, reliable lock installation team, get in touch with us today!